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The 2015 money for-votes

The 2015 money for-votes trick was a South Indian political outrage, the second embarrassment of its kind since the 2008 North Indian money for-votes outrage. The 2015 political outrage began off when the Telugu Desam Party Leaders of Telangana state were gotten in a video footage, publicized in the media, offering rewards to a designated MLA for his vote in the 2015 decisions of the Telangana Legislative Council. The Telugu Desam MLA Revanth Reddy was captured by the Telangana Police when he was putting forth Rs. 50 lakhs to the designated MLA Elvis Stephenson. Reddy was then exhibited under the watchful eye of the court of equity and sent to imprison. Correspondingly, the telephone discussion, which was cited as the voice of N. Chandrababu Naidu, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, with the same assigned MLA was drastically disclosed in the news media.

The Telugu Desam party claimed that the outrage, was a political grudge, doctored by the Telangana State Government under the bearing of K. Chandrashekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, nearby the YSR Congress Party. In a further improvement, The High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for the States of Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, conceded safeguard to Revanth Reddy and two other co-blamed because of need for considerable confirmation.

Occasions and charges;

The decisions for the Council of Telangana Assembly were started and the notice for six upper house seats were discharged. Five applicants from TRS, one from Congress and one from Telugu Desam motivated prepared to challenge the races. The Telugu Desam and unified BJP together does not have enough votes to win the challenge. At that point the news turned out that they were attempting to get votes from different gatherings. The Party President Chandrababu Naidu led gatherings to break down this matter, in view of his recommendation the TDP Party Leaders got energetically. The opponent gatherings have detected that they are endeavoring to bait their MLA's, so the particular party pioneers got to be careful. In this procedure a high dramatization occurred at Stephenson's place. The TDP MLA Revanth Reddy met Stephenson with the assistance of a helper. Taking after Revanth's recommendation this associate attempted to convey Rs.50 lakh cash packs. The recordings of Revanth Reddy amid this exchange ended up being basic and broadcast on TV News channels.

Revanth Reddy discussion;

The video recording demonstrates that Revanth Reddy talked a few matters with Stephenson. He specified that he is the dynamic pioneer in Telangana furthermore said that his "Supervisor" allots critical matters just to him. He guaranteed that everything will be taken consideration by Boss. What's more, said that he reported about cash matter. He focused on that everything is done in light of Boss guideline. Powers captured Revanth Reddy and later the video was broadcasted in media. Everybody comprehended that when a Party MLA alludes somebody as "Supervisor" more than once, it might be none otherthan the Party President Chandrababu Naidu.

Stephenson contentions;

According to the contentions of designated MLA Stephenson, it is coming to realize that Chandrababu was the person who doctored the whole scene. The consecutive occasions started on May 28 when one by name Mattaiah met Stephenson. This Mattaiah attempted to offer trade out respect to MLC races. Be that as it may, Stephenson drew closer ACB powers trusting that it is deceptive. Later Sebastian, someone else from TDP and after him Revanth Reddy entered the course of occasions. On May 30 Sebastian alongside Revanth Reddy went straight to Stephenson's habitation to arrange the arrangement. The twosome let him know that a mystery meeting with Chandrababu will be masterminded. That day evening they made him address Chandrababu over telephone. Chandrababu guaranteed him that he will deal with everything and specified that his people educated him about the arrangement. He then guaranteed him that the guarantees will be regarded. The following day i.e., on May 31 Revanth Reddy alongside his assistants met Stephenson with money. The ACB Authorities who were at that point on alarm captured Revanth Reddy.

Claimed Chandrababu Naidu's part;

At the point when the Telugu Desam MLA Revanth Reddy stood out enough to be noticed fell on the gathering's exercises. As of now in Andhra Pradesh the Telugu Desam Party is confronting claims that it has purchased a few MPS, indiependent MLAs, neighborhood body pioneer, principally in the Zilla parishad and mandal parishad races, that the gathering has influenced MPTCs and ZPTCs to win Manda president and ZP administrator. Is it advancing with the same methodology in Telangana?, was the suspicion that spread out. In the in the mean time a sound tape came into light, expressing that Chandrababu Naidu addressed Stephenson. In light of what was disclosed in the TV news channels, Chandrababu Naidu had a telephone discussion with Stephenson which contains the message, our men let me know everything, I will investigate your matter, guarantees will be regarded, I am with you, don't trouble, we will work together.The minute it was broadcast on TV news stations it turned into the focal verbal confrontation over the state. Everybody began talking about with amazement, is it accurate to say that this is the real nature of Chandrababu, the man who praised himself over and over as a genuine subject?

Endeavors to derail issue;

The Telugu Desam party has begun harm control measures to handle the rehashed broadcasting of the discussion in the TV news channels. Regardless, Chandrababu went to Delhi and met the top framework pioneers. There was no ideal reaction from them, the Central Law Minister declared that they won't meddle in this matter. Representative Narsimhan likewise went to Delhi to present a report on this matter. Insulted by this move the TDP Ministers and pioneers began mishandling the Governor; this turned into a hotly debated issue of examination. In the in the interim the Telugu Desam bothered feelings and annoyance all through the State expressing this involves renown and respect of Andhra Pradesh. They did purposeful publicity that there is no wellbeing to Andhra individuals in Hyderabad and requested that Section-8 must be executed in Hyderabad which was a typical capital. To some degree this was effectively crashed into general society.

Chandrababu Naidu's game-plan;

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu considered this important as examinations on this issue was proliferating all through the State. He concentrated all his consideration on this matter for a few days and led gatherings and surveys with Police higher authorities. The word spread quickly that the central initiator behind this outrage was Telugu Desam President Chandrababu Naidu after the capture of Telugu Desam MLA Revanth Reddy in Cash for Vote embarrassment. In spite of the fact that it is a matter worried to the Party, Chandrababu took it as an issue of the Andhra Pradesh Government and conveyed the administration powers to handle the issue.

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